Our workforce module is a collection of functions aimed to ease the management and effective use of personnel applied to your situation, whether these be internal or external, permanent or temporary resources.

MX tracks every person with a full user profile regardless if they are a systems administrator or a subcontractor who will never login.  This allows extensive workforce management functionality to be employed in the following areas:

Badging and accountability

One of the key areas of accountability, particularly in an emergency response scenario, is knowing the whereabouts of your resources, and that includes the human resources. MX has recognised the need to move away from the bureaucracy of traditional methods of paper and card-based resource tracking by building in the capabilities of badge-based check-in processes based around barcode scanning which automatically updates the location status of any resource.

MX can  even create secure badges for your workforce.  These can contain barcodes, QR codes, profile pictures and any other information captured regarding the user.

  • The badges can be lifed and automatically expire at the end of a project/mission/contract or be permanent or a mixture of both depending on the user and their role or organisation.
  • The badges provide a basis for facility security, a means for maintaining resource situational awareness, but also a means for resource time logging and feeding i to financial accountability for resource usage. Feeding real-time dashboards or offline reports as required.
  • Badges can be physically printed, emailed or sent by SMS, or used as an e-badge via the MX:Mobile app.

Location aware accountability scanning, check-in/out  for billing and resource availability reasons is immediately available with extensive configurable rules around check-in (to prevent “optimistic” check in and over-payment).

Accountability scanning also extends to equipment, which can be scanned individually, or linked with personnel to both allow more efficient scanning (no need to scan a truck if the driver has been scanned) and to ensure that equipment and personnel scans align correctly.

Contractor Portal

Most mission scenarios require not just in-house or core personnel, but also personnel employed via 3rd party contractors, usually specialised for specific tasks whether that be transportation-related, or equipment maintenance or refueling etc. MX recognises this reality by building in the Contractor Portal module. The key construct of the Contractor Portal is to ensure that all the personnel required for a mission or deployment hit the ground running on day and hour one, by ensuring that even 3rd party contractors are, as far as possible, fully integrated into the overall team, removing any notional contractor barriers.

The Contractor Portal allows self-service profile creation by subcontractor teams (when enabled), user detail updating (such as contact details, emergency contact details etc), viewing of accountability records (for subcontractor management), training and certification accountability, profile picture upload etc.

The Contractor Portal ensures that 3rd party contractor personnel arrive in the field ready for accreditation and check in with the same level of accountability as any in-house or core-team members.

The MX Contractor Portal allows you to assign a Company Supervisor who can monitor the training progress for the relevant personnel in their company

Certification Management

An increasing area of concern, particularly when dealing with large numbers of subcontractors and governmental contracts is assuring that your workforce hold the appropriate credentials and qualifications required for the contract.  Our certification management system allows role-aware configuration of what certifications an individual requires and will prompt them to upload their certifications via the contractor portal.

The system will then allow authorised supervisors to review and approve/reject the certifications and prompt for re-upload where necessary.  Furthermore the certifications system is aware of expiry dates and will warn users as expiry of certs is approaching to allow them to re-qualify and re-upload  where necessary.

A supervisor can review and ensure that all personnel have the appropriate certifications and that they are uploaded.

Reports are also available in real-time to highlight any discrepancies in the match between required certs and those uploaded/approved is also immediately available.

Integrated Learning Management System (LMS)

MX has a fully integrated learning management system (LMS).  All users are automatically registered with the LMS and any number of online courses can be configured to match your project requirements.  Training material can be built directly in the LMS or imported using standard protocols from other LMS. The courses required can be configured as Training Packages to match job functions. If a user changes role  the system automatically prompts the user to complete extra Training Packages, or individual courses.

Importantly the LMS also allows you to set up Supervisors for individual contractor teams who have access to reports and displays to allow them to track the training status of their own personnel, and intervene where necessary to ensure that their team is fully mission capable in advance of any deployment, recognising the fact that that no-one can function on your project without the appropriate training being complete.

Alongside the certifications system and contractor portal, the LMS ensures that all your subcontractor data is complete, they are qualified and trained for the role you require.

The MX LMS makes use of interactive online training courses with results integrated directly to contractor portal and main MX portal

Workforce Communications

MX has an advanced workforce communications tool.  This allows a combination of email, SMS and instant push notifications (via the MX:Mobile app) to be sent to your users en-masse.  This can target users based on organisation, role, project or individually and allow you to not only ensure your mission-critical communications get to all users, but vastly reduce the labor overhead in doing so.