Emergency Operations

Extensively deployed in some of the toughest conditions.  Including multiple deployments in major events for temporary emergency power, deployment of sanitary, water and base-camp roll-outs.  Rapid configurability of the MX suite has been proven time and again to be ideally suited to Emergency Response scenarios.

MX:Emergency Operations utilises work and asset management processes more commonly found in advanced Enterprise Asset Management systems to formalise the delivery and sustainability of an emergency response, all in a user-friendly package exploiting the power of geospatial and mobile data.

MX combines extensive functionality for the management of assets, personnel, work and field operations with the detailed processes and procedures that can be configured to support specific emergency response operations.  MX deployments have demonstrated the capability of the platform to provide significant new functions in hours and to respond to emergent field requirements in minutes. 

Pre-event planning and mobilization is fully supported by our Contractor Portal and Learning Management System.  Contractors can enter all personnel data through the mobile app including scanning of driver’s license details.  Certifications and qualifications can also be provided in advance.  Personnel are provided with an e-Badge in the app which will allow them to scan in on Day 1 and thereby help remove the registration bottleneck so often seen on missions. 

By registering prior to deployment personnel are directed through the role based Learning Management System will be guided through not only the setup of their account and installation of the Mobile App but also through role based MX training.  This will help ensure they are ready to work effectively on arrival. 

MX provides a powerful geospatially enabled platform that rolls up detailed field activities into a single Common Operating Picture.  A series of configurable dashboards provide overviews to key stakeholders that enables them to quickly gain an insight into the status of the response.  Role based access to the relevant parts of the single application allows authorized users to view and manage the performance of their area of responsibility. 

Comprehensive geo-located data capture for all relevant activities allows MX to provide extensive reports on work progress.  Performance management, accountability and accurate financial records are ensured by the MX process management and data collection.