ProceMX team on the ground in Maui

Its been a busy year already for our team who are supporting the use of our Work and Asset management software in the response effort to the devastating wildfires in Maui. 

ProceMX support Typhoon Mawar response

The ProceMX Emergency Operations team have deployed to Guam as part of the federal response programme for Typhoon Mawar.

We hope our team,colleagues from WSP, USACE and the US Army and all in the path of the storm have a safe few days.

Florida Governor’s Hurricane Conference

We are exhibiting alongside our partners WSP USA at he Florida Governor’s Hurricane Conference in beautiful West Palm Beach this week.

Come and visit us at booth 216 for a live demo of our MX configuration for emergency response.

Strong Disaster Response year for ProceMX

It has been a very busy 2022 for the ProceMX team.  Our MX Work and Asset Management software has been used extensively by our partners responding to FEMA directed emergency events.  We finished out 2021 with a response to the Tornado in West Kentucky, and through 2022 we responded to the New Mexico Wildfires in April and a large continued effort for the dual hit of Hurricanes Fiona and Ian.  The quick succession of these hurricanes meant an “all hands on deck” response from our team.  Our team were on-site for President Biden’s visit to our operating base

As always we would like to thank our team and partners for their ongoing commitment to this vital response effort.

ProceMX respond to Hurricane Ida

While being on the ground for Hurricane Henri the ProceMX team get the call to head to Louisiana for Hurricane Ida where our Emergency Response work and asset management will be used in the FEMA Emergency Power mission. Good luck to our team, customers and all the people of Louisiana!

We are moving!!

ProceMX development centre is moving on 1st May.  Our new premise in a traditional sandstone building in the west end of Glasgow will bring a step-up in working environment for our team of software engineers.

NYC Emergency Management Commissioner

Team members at Procemx are pleased to join in the praise for the appointment of John Scrivani as the expected next Commissioner of New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM).  We worked closely with John during his time leading the search for Potential Human Remains at the World Trade Center and wish him every success in this new position.

COVID-19 Statement

During these troubling times proceMX would like to assure all customers and partners that we do not anticipate any significant disruption to our business from the current situation.  Our entire workforce have been working from home since well before any enforced restrictions and will continue to do so until such a time that we can return to normal office conditions without any risk.

proceMX have always operated a flexible working from home policy and facilities were already in place to allow all staff to successfully work from home and this can continue indefinitely.  This will not impact customer projects in any way.

Business travel is obviously restricted at this time, however we will continue our regular customer contact using online conferencing facilities.  We also have a number of strategies in place to improve in-product support and provide a high-level remote support facility if required.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish the best for everyone’s health.