ProceMX MX+ Mobile App Release

ProceMX are pleased to announce the release of our MX+ Mobile App.  This app utilizes our next generation mobile platform and will be the platform going forward for all future development.  The numerous benefits of this app include performance and responsiveness improvements, wider device capability, smaller memory footprint and higher power efficiency.  Functional benefits include biometric security, enhanced forms capabilities, visible geotagging of photographs and much more.  Improvements to offline data management, sync and background upload greatly enhance user experience.

While MX+ contains 99% of the functionality of the predecessor MX:Mobile app, all customers will retain access to their current platform until they are ready to migrate to MX+.  This includes the option to run both platforms in parallel for differing user communities.

MX+ Can be found in the Google play store for android devices, and the Apple App Store for iOS.

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