ProceMX and WestGen

WestGen is a power systems innovator with expertise in the design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of solar, hybrid, and micro-grid systems.  These systems provide consistent and reliable power supply for all types of private, commercial, industrial and emergency applications.   The WestGen solar and solar-hybrid generators and solar light towers are clean, quiet and far more economical to operate than comparable fossil fuel generators. 

WestGen mobile equipment is built on heavy duty, off road capable and air liftable platforms.  Stationary equipment is integrated into heavy duty weatherproof containers; making them ideally suited to many applications.  Low maintenance requirements a low (or zero) fuel consumption make the systems efficient, highly resilient and fully applicable for distributed integrated power solutions. 

Procemx and WestGen have partnered to bring a complete asset management, monitoring and power provision solution.  Bringing together ProceMX extensive experience in power systems and temporary emergency power deployments with WestGen’s class-leading mobile power units, our partnership offers a comprehensive temporary emergency power solution.  Feature rich operations management from installation, maintenance and thru-life monitoring with customer and subcontractor systems support coupled to modern high-performance power units ensures the power you need is supplied when you need it. 

MX:Mobile application provides the required field operations management functionality to deliver installation, maintenance and operational support to the WestGen systems.   The MX operations platform allows management staff and others to see all relevant aspects of the status and operational performance of each asset from a single pane of glass. 

MX interfaces to the WestGen power systems to provide telemetry from the hardware allowing users to remotely monitor the details of battery levels, power output, fuel levels, etc.