MX now available in Apple App Store

We are pleased to announce that our mobile Work and Asset management product is now available in the Apple App Store. This provides a straightforward distribution mechanism for iOS devices. MX Mobile provides class leading Geospatially aware Work and Asset management with offline capabilities.

We are moving!!

ProceMX development centre is moving on 1st May.  Our new premise in a traditional sandstone building in the west end of Glasgow will bring a step-up in working environment for our team of software engineers.

Apple app coming soon…

MX Mobile has long been available for all mobile platforms (including Apple and Android devices) as a web-app, however until now our full offline-capable installed application has only been available on Android platforms.  We are pleased to announce that all technical hurdles have been overcome and we now have a fully functional version of MX Mobile for Apple devices.  Following what will hopefully be a short approvals process it will be available in the App Store.  Until then, any customer wishing to trial MX Mobile for Apple can let us know and we will arrange installation onto your device.


NYC Emergency Management Commissioner

Team members at Procemx are pleased to join in the praise for the appointment of John Scrivani as the expected next Commissioner of New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM).  We worked closely with John during his time leading the search for Potential Human Remains at the World Trade Center and wish him every success in this new position.

Welcome to our new recruits

ProceMX are proud to welcome two new recruits to our development team – Dain and Matthew.  Both coming from very strong academic backgrounds with 1st class Computer Science degrees from the University of Strathclyde, they will make a great addition to our strong existing development team.  All members of our development team have strong qualifications in the fields of Computer Science and Mathematics and our new recruits help lift that bar even higher.  While the current world situation makes recruitment complex we have strong programmes in place to help our new members make the best of virutal face-time with their team mates.  We look forward to introducing them to new and existing clients.

ProceMX and Enviro-365

ProceMX are pleased to announce a partnership with Environmental Services specialists Enviro-365.  Enviro-365 are developing a class-leading environmental pollution sensor/detection technology called Enviro-Eye.  MX will provide the Asset and Work management software platform to allow a full-service offering from automated spill detection through response handling for end customers of all levels.

MX deployment for Hurricane Laura

ProceMX are deploying our MX product and Emergency Response team alongside our partners and government agencies to sites in Texas and Louisiana in response to the threat from Hurricane Laura.  The unique offline asset inspection capabilities of the MX Mobile platform and app are specially designed to work in the harsh environment of disaster response.

Laura 2020-08-26 2300Z.png

COVID-19 Statement

During these troubling times proceMX would like to assure all customers and partners that we do not anticipate any significant disruption to our business from the current situation.  Our entire workforce have been working from home since well before any enforced restrictions and will continue to do so until such a time that we can return to normal office conditions without any risk.

proceMX have always operated a flexible working from home policy and facilities were already in place to allow all staff to successfully work from home and this can continue indefinitely.  This will not impact customer projects in any way.

Business travel is obviously restricted at this time, however we will continue our regular customer contact using online conferencing facilities.  We also have a number of strategies in place to improve in-product support and provide a high-level remote support facility if required.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish the best for everyone’s health.

ProceMX respond to Puerto Rico 6.4 earthquake

ProceMX’ Emergency Operations team are on their way to participate in the response operation for the series of >6.0 earthquakes that have hit Puerto Rico this week.  The MX platform provides Geospatial Asset, Operations, Work and Workforce Management from our cloud-based desktop and offline mobile solutions  to our partners in world-leading Emergency Response.

We wish our team and all the responders on their way to the island a safe journey.

Puerto Rican Flag

ProceMX respond to Hurricane Dorian

Several members of the ProceMX team are currently responding to Hurricane Dorian across Puerto Rico and the southeast USA.  This is likely to be the first major test for our fully integrated geospatial Work and Asset management while using our new offline mobile app.  To all our staff, partners and others responding to this major event, please keep safe.