MX:Mobile is the companion app to the MX:Enterprise suite.  Available as an Apple, Android or zero-install web based app, MX:Mobile offers extensive functionality to our workforce, work and asset management functions.

MX:Mobile application

MX:Mobile application

Offline Operations

Developed for the hostile environment of disaster response, MX:Mobile offers a market-unique offline operations.  The majority of the app’s core functions are designed to work in low-signal, no-signal and unreliable signal conditions.  This allows your field workforce the ability to complete their tasks, collect data from the field while the app manages the upload of the data whenever and however the device can gain connection back to the MX:Enterprise server.

Maintaining situational awareness is a key factor in any emergency management situation, and maintaining as near a real-time picture of activities in the field is a key determinant in minimising that ‘Situational Awareness Latency.

MX:Mobile uses intelligent data management to prioritize and optimize the transmission of data in order to provide timely and relevant data for other supervisors and the command team. This means work status updates, location information and form data will be transmitted ahead of multimedia data, allowing workflows to progress, asset status updates to trigger and subsequent dependent tasks to be started while waiting for the more data intensive multimedia to be transmitted on a longer-term basis.

All multimedia data is also resized and compressed using a task-aware algorithm locally on the mobile device before transmission to ensure that detail is retained when required, while data bandwidth is not wasted unnecessarily when it is not.

Using a variety of techniques to sync and store, store and forward and background data transmission management, MX:Mobile has been proven time and again to be the dependable solution for offline mobile functionality.

*Full offline functionality is available on Android and Apple installed apps.  Offline functionality is limited and dependent on browser capability for zero-install browser edition.

Work Management

MX:Mobile Work Management 

As part of our Work Management functionality, MX:Mobile provides mobile job receipt, status update, resource allocation, form-completion and related functions.  In conjunction with a lightweight push notification architecture your users will receive timely native notifications on their device, ensuring jobs are acted upon in a timely manner.

In addition, MX:Mobile has been designed from the ground-up to recognize the importance of workforce location as an integrated part of the workflow.  This includes constant background location tracking (when suitable and relevant) to arrival-time calculation, and work-location navigation.

Asset Management

MX:Mobile allows comprehensive asset management functions to be utilized by your field operatives.  This includes basic asset management, barcode/QR scanning, location-aware asset search (i.e. what assets are nearby my location), asset status updating, asset location updating etc.  The majority of this functionality can be accessed fully offline, allowing asset updates from the most remote corner of your work territory.

In combination with our Work Management and Field Forms functionality, the Asset Management functions of MX:Mobile allow complex asset inspection and maintenance functions to be achieved in the most hostile environments.

Field Forms

One of the core functions of the MX:Mobile application is to allow the capture of relevant asset and work data from the field in as close to real-time as the comms environment will allow.  The highly customizable forms configuration of MX:Enterprise  allows complex asset inspection tasks to be completed as a stand-alone function or part of a complex workflow or a package of routed and dispatched tasks.  Data captured from the field can include a large variety of simple fields – from text, numerical, location, and multimedia to more complex condition based logic.

Form data captured can be used to feed a complex workflow, including triggering events and secondary workflows (for example supplementary work required) as well as asset status, condition and attribute updates. Importantly form data can directly feed online grid and spatial displays, as well as provide real-time situational updates via dashboards.

Workforce Management

MX:Mobile was designed to be used by a disparate workforce and to enable you to manage this workforce. At the heart of this is providing a user friendly UX, butalso includes:

  • Readily-available functions include adding and maintaining user priveleges in the field.
  • System access adjustment
  • Location tracking,
  • Self-service contact, training and certification management.

More advanced functions include location-aware personnel and equipment scanning for accountability/billing purposes.  MX:Mobile is fully integrated with our contractor management and learning management modules.

In addition, as resource ‘whereabouts’ is a key component of maintaining situational awareness, any device with MX:Mobile installed and a GPS chip on-board (all modern cellphones, most tablets and many PC/Macs) can function as a location transponder.  This background task will run while enabled (and subject to compliance with privacy rules enforced by your organisation) and feed a workforce location dashboard and the work progress/ETA system in the work management module.

Data security, privacy, and standards

MX:Mobile is a standards-compliant and robust mobile application.  Meeting the data management requirements for both the Apple and Android app-stores, MX:Mobile uses the latest encryption technologies and allows the necessary user control over personal data.

A highly configurable permissions and access group management system allows a wide array of stakeholder users to be serviced from the same publicly downloadable application.  This can vary from your full time employees having full access to user data thru short-term subcontractors, partner company operatives and even public access with contained and limited access to data.  Offline functionality and local data storage is aware of user roles and no unnecessary data is transmitted to or stored on mobile devices if the user profile does not warrant access to this data.

MX:Mobile is kept up to date with the latest technology innovations.  From biometric login thru multi-lingual capability (5 languages currently available including English and Puerto-Rican Spanish) MX:Mobile aims to be user friendly to all your potential users.

The “app”

MX:Mobile is a modern application, primarily available in the Apple App store and the Google Play store it is also available as a direct-install .apk file for Android devices and a zero-install browser version is available and can  be run on any device with a modern browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox etc).

To install MX:Mobile on your device, please scan this QR code to go directly to the relevant app store.

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